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Our Staff

We are a unique, hand selected and special team within PANDAS. Most of the teams have first hand, lived experience of perinatal mental illness therefore can automatically connect with the parents through empathy and hope. We also have a wide range of academic, teaching, training and experience behind our teams who dedicate their time to better understanding of support related to perinatal mental illness. Our teams are warm, welcoming and ready to listen.

Annie Belasco,
Head of Charity

Annie is directly responsible for the charity whole team management, service delivery and business development. She has a background in HR operations and is also a writer, speaker and published mental health author. Annie has lived experience of perinatal mental illness.

Sally Bunkham, Communications and Development Manager

Sally Bunkham is a mum of 2 girls who were born just 1 year apart. Sally enjoys writing and creating meaningful collaborations and relationships for PANDAS. Sally has lived experience of perinatal mental illness and enjoys raising awareness on issues relating to it. 

Natalie Stevenson,
Group’s Manager

Natalie looks after the recruitment of volunteers and all aspects of running in-person peer to peer support groups.  She has vast experience working across the arts, charities and voluntary sector. Additionally she co-leads the PANDAS support group in Glasgow. Natalie is a mum to a little boy, and has lived experience of post-natal illness.

Dani Gillet,
Training Director

Dani is highly experienced within healthcare and perinatal mental health. She’s a mother of three and has lived experience of perinatal mental illness. Dani oversees, manages and runs all the training programmes for the charity.

Kathryn Di Virgilio,
Specialist Course Leader

Kathryn is a highly experienced occupational therapist who specialises in perinatal mental health. She has worked in both private and NHS settings. Kathryn is the course leader for PANDAS specialist paid courses around perinatal mental health for parents and anyone who wants a clearer understanding of perinatal mental health.

Lauren Tonner,
Volunteers and Safeguarding Manager

Lauren is an experienced and empathetic Volunteers and Safeguarding Manager. She is responsible for all volunteers and their service standards, and focussed on improving and maintaining service user experience.
Lauren contributes widely to both parents, carers and networks peer support care. Lauren is a mother, and has her own experience of perinatal mental illness. 

Rachel Burn,
Fundraising Manager

Rachel is a mum-of-one who has worked in the charity sector since 2015. She has a background in fundraising for large and small charities, including climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, trekking across the Sahara Desert and taking on the National Three Peaks Challenge! Rachel is also a volunteer for her local NHS perinatal mental health team. Rachel has lived experience of perinatal mental illness.

Laura Fletcher,
Volunteers Coordinator

Laura is highly experienced in volunteer management within the third sector having worked for a number of charities, both local and National. She is passionate about mental health awareness and has lived experience of perinatal mental illness.She is a Mum of 2 (a teenager and a toddler) and is expecting number 3 in October

Our Trustees

Our trustees and clinical advisory board (CAB) come with a vast spectrum of academic and experiences which continues to drive and add direction for PANDAS.

Arabella Warden,
Trustee & Company Secretary

Arabella has over 12 years’ experience chairing trustee boards for multiple charities. She has worked with both UK and international organisations, and is an expert in many fields. Arabella, who has lived experience of mental health, works with the teams to drive PANDAS to achieve its full potential and be sustainable.

Edwina Tate,

Edwina is a mother, and a highly experienced professional in the areas of communications, strategy and engagement. With a background working in large UK-based organisations, Edwina is a professional within her field. She is passionate and driven, and provides support and advice on all aspects of strategy and vision for PANDAS.

Amy Stuart-Mills,
Trustee Chair

Amy is a driven, experienced and dedicated trustee.
She has experience of perinatal mental illness through her own network, so this is a subject close to her heart. She supports the fundraising for PANDAS and also advises on strategy for the charity.
Amy works within marketing, PR and communications.

Harriet Bowley,

Harriet is a qualified lawyer of over 13 years and also has experience in marketing and L&D and a genuine passion for equality and inclusion. She has two high-energy boys that keep her busy outside work along with a love of photography. Harriet is passionate about making the lives of parents feel better and removing the stigma of perinatal mental illness.

Laura Holden,

Laura is a mother and became passionately involved in her family’s philanthropic work after the birth of her first child with a particular focus on helping parents and supporting the arts. She has two young boys and has also recently set up a holiday let business. Laura will be working with the head of charity to maximise engagement, training and reward and recognition for all volunteers who kindly give up their time to support parents through PANDAS support services.


Sharon Phillips,

Sharon is an HR specialist with 35 years’ experience at Board level, in facilitating organisations to support innovation, development ,growth and change .
Sharon has a passion for providing opportunities for those who have difficulty in accessing services, employment or education .
Sharon enjoys gardening with her husband ( not at the same time !…..) and both are thrilled to have four small grandchildren.

Heather Burnard,
Trustee & Clinical Advisor

Heather is a mum of 3 and has 11 years experience working as a doctor in the UK, initially training in Paediatrics and Neonates before switching to become a GP. She started out with PANDAS volunteering on the helpline. She is passionate about normalising the conversation around perinatal mental health, improving access to mental health support services and empowering people with knowledge so that they can tailor their own recovery.

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