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Our Staff

We are a unique, hand selected and special team within PANDAS. Most of the teams have first hand, lived experience of perinatal mental illness therefore can automatically connect with the parents through empathy and hope. We also have a wide range of academic, teaching, training and experience behind our teams who dedicate their time to better understanding of support related to perinatal mental illness. Our teams are warm, welcoming and ready to listen.

Annie Belasco,
Head of Charity

Annie is directly responsible for the managers and their teams. She has a background in HR operations and is also a writer, speaker and published mental health author. Annie has lived experience of perinatal mental illness.

Michelle Ansell,
Safeguarding Manager

Michelle is a longstanding PANDAS manager and has a wealth of medical and care experience. She is a team manager looking after several support services, and is also a mother.

Kerry Thomas,
Head of Fundraising

Kerry, who has first-hand experience of perinatal mental illness, moved from managing a theatre ward for the NHS to PANDAS. She writes and has blogged for the Huffington Post, where she shared her own experiences.

Dani Gillet,
Group and Training Manager

Dani is highly experienced within healthcare and perinatal mental health. She’s a mother of three and has lived experience of perinatal mental illness. Dani manages and oversees the support groups and runs all the training for the charity.

Claire Jones, 
PA and admin support

Claire is a mother and a qualified engineer. She manages the day-to-day administrative tasks for PANDAS, and has lived experience of perinatal mental illness.

Judi Jefferys,
Helpline Manager

Judi is a longstanding volunteer and team manager. She has a wealth of experience supporting service users and ensuring all volunteer recruitment is handled professionally.

Lauren Tonner,
Email and closed group Manager and Safeguarding Officer

Lauren is an inspirational group leader, who also manages the charity’s new group recruitment across the UK. She’s a mother with lived experience of perinatal mental illness.

Our Trustees

Our trustees and clinical advisory board (CAB) come with a vast spectrum of academic and experiences which continues to drive and add direction for PANDAS.

Arabella Warden,
Trustee & Company Secretary

Arabella has over 12 years’ experience chairing trustee boards for multiple charities. She has worked with both UK and international organisations, and is an expert in many fields. Arabella, who has lived experience of mental health, works with the teams to drive PANDAS to achieve its full potential and be sustainable.

Edwina Tate, 

Edwina is a mother, and a highly experienced professional in the areas of communications, strategy and engagement. With a background working in large UK-based organisations, Edwina is a professional within her field. She is passionate and driven, and provides support and advice on all aspects of strategy and vision for PANDAS.

Amy Stuart-Mills, 

Amy is a driven, experienced and dedicated trustee.
She has experience of perinatal mental illness through her own network, so this is a subject close to her heart. She supports the fundraising for PANDAS and also advises on strategy for the charity.
Amy works within marketing, PR and communications.

Priya Thakar, 

Priya is Head of People at a renewable energy design and innovation company, a trained yoga teacher and a mother of two. Priya works closely with the PANDAS Clinical Advisory Board (CAB). She adds exceptional value to PANDAS through over 15 years’ experience in people roles, communications, marketing and financial services regulation.

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