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Fundraising and Events

PANDAS Foundation is entirely funded by donations so you know that every penny raised for us is put to good use. We can’t do what we do without you!

What sort of fundraising events can I do?

If you’d like to fundraise for us (and a massive thank you if you do ❤️), there are plenty of options. Here are some ideas:

  • Run a race
  • Do a skydive
  • Hold a fundraising gala
  • Car boot sale
  • Climb a mountain
  • Challenge yourself to walk so many steps a day
  • Take part in a tough mudder event

Plus so much more! Take a look further down this page for more information.

    If you have any questions or queries about fundraising for PANDAS, email our fundraising manager rachel.burn@pandasfoundation.org.uk


    There are lots of events you can take part in to support PANDAS Foundation. Below are just a small pool of the most popular events and challenges coming up. If you’d like to take part in an event which isn’t listed, email our fundraising manager – rachel.burn@pandasfoundation.org.uk – for more information.

    Event not listed?

    Do you want to do an event which isn’t on our website? Perhaps you have a ballot place for an event. We’d love you to get in touch and chat to us about your fundraising plans! Email our fundraising manager rachel.burn@pandasfoundation.org.uk for more info

    Fundraising FAQ

    I’ve decided which fundraising challenge I’d like to do – now what?

    That’s great! All you have to do is email our fundraising manager at rachel.burn@pandasfoundation.org.uk who’ll be in touch to give you further information.

    How do I set up a donation page?

    To set up your fundraising page, head over to Enthuse – it’s very quick and easy and as soon as it’s set up you can share away with friends and family! You can also visit our Enthuse Profile where you can find information on our most current fundraising challenges, and how to sign up for them. Join Team PANDAS today!

    Do you have a fundraising pack?

    We have a fantastic fundraising pack available with lots of popular fundraising ideas to get you started. 

    What support will I get from PANDAS?

    Rest assured we will be with you every step of the way on your fundraising journey. You will have contact details for our fundraising manager Rachel who can give you lots of tips and advice. We’ll also share your story on our social media pages if you are happy for us to, and if you need a running/training vest we can get one sent to you so you can proudly show you are fundraising for PANDAS.

    Do you have spaces for the London Marathon?

    We would LOVE to have charity spaces for the London Marathon but sadly due to the pandemic, previously allocated spaces have been rolled over for the last couple of years and so we have been unable to apply for spaces in the 2024 event. One day we hope to have PANDAS spaces at the event but for now we encourage our supporters to enter the ballot and if you get a space, please do get in touch with us as we would love to have you fundraise for us by taking part in this iconic event!

    How is the money I raised spent?

    All money raised goes towards supporting parents and carers who need us. Here is an idea of what your donations could go towards:

    • £5 funds a helpline call for one service user to receive support via our helpline service
    • £15 pays for our email service per person per year to receive support via email
    • £23 to host our website providing signposting for our services, resources and information
    • £25 to host our weekly zoom calls for all parents, carers and networks offering advice, peer support and sharing experiences
    • £50 for a year’s training for one of our volunteers to ensure they have the best placed knowledge to support our service users
    • £62 to recruit and onboard a volunteer into our PANDAS teams to provide support, advice and guidance
    • £208 for a month’s worth of marketing and advertising for us to reach every parent who needs us through our services

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