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Speakers programme

      In response to an increased demand for more information about perinatal mental health, we developed a presentation for corporations, which we can present, and also offer 1:1 training with your teams. This can be conducted online or in your workplace. 

      As part of the training, we talk about:

      • How to have a conversation around perinatal mental health issues with someone you may be concerned about
      • What support can be offered to parents, carers and their networks who have been diagnosed, or suspect that they may be struggling with, perinatal mental health issues
      • Signs and symptoms of perinatal mental health issues
      • Mothers and fathers and how they may present differently
      • Coping mechanisms

      We ask for a donation for our resource and time. The donation will be ploughed back into our helpline services to help parents and carers.

      For more information, please contact rachel.burn@pandasfoundation.org.uk

      Download our speakers pack below


      Dr Krystal Wilkinson – MCIPD, FHEA

      We would like to express our huge thanks to PANDAS Foundation for being the opening speaker at our Perinatal Mental Health in Policing conference in January 2023, which brought together academic research on perinatal mental health in policing, maternity management and police families; charities; campaigners and lived experience experts.

      Dani from PANDAS gave a wonderfully informative and emotive presentation which really set the tone for the day – explaining different perinatal mental health conditions; the impact; her own personal experiences; and the various supports available from PANDAS. 

      Attendees (and organisers alike) were visibly moved by Dani’s personal story, and this enabled others in the audience to share issues that are often stigmatized and silenced – especially in places like a police force head quarters (where the event was held)! 

      We had around 100 attendees in person and online, and the feedback has been so positive, with mention of action taking place in other police forces already. Dani very kindly offered additional information about PANDAS services, which we were able to circulate after the event, and we know several attendees will be signposting to PANDAS in their own organisations. 

      We would wholeheartedly recommend PANDAS training sessions to other organisations/industry events looking to raise awareness and challenge the taboo around mental illness in pregnancy and post-birth.

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