PANDAS Foundation Awareness Week 2022

September is creeping up on us fast, and we wanted to announce our plans for our next Awareness Week, this year taking place between 19th – 23rd September 2022.

It’s been another very busy year for PANDAS. Demand for our services is now 70% higher than pre-pandemic levels, and we continue to be a lifeline for many parents and carers each day. We are so proud of the way we’ve kept up with demand for people in need, and so grateful to our wonderful volunteers and supporters, who we simply could not do this without. 

 We recently undertook research into NHS waiting times for receiving perinatal mental health support and treatment, surveying over 1000 participants in the UK. Sadly, our findings were not positive. Four in 10 who were offered treatment say they had to wait too long to receive it, and 76% said their conditions worsened in that time including intrusive thoughts, being unable to bond with their child and even suicidal thoughts. 


The good news, however, is that our services exist! We have no wait times, our services are free, and we know we are helping so many. We help to ease the burden on the ever-stretched NHS, and are a lifeline for so many. For this reason, this year we’d like our Awareness Week to focus on EARLY INTERVENTION. We know that offering our services early, prevents many cases of perinatal ill health worsening or even becoming critical. Our services are often used as an early intervention in care, and we want to celebrate that. 


From 19th – 23rd September 2022 we will be celebrating our services, raising awareness, and shining a spotlight on the theme #EarlyInterventionSavesLives.


We’d absolutely love you to join in with our campaign, share our posts, and contribute to it yourself with the hashtag #EarlyInterventionSavesLives.


More to follow, but please do save the theme and the date in your diary. 



If you need urgent help....

If you need urgent help or are worried about a loved one, you can call The Samaritans or call 999.