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Social media and Facebook groups

Our social media channels provide online support for parents and networks of parents who want to know more about perinatal mental health or be inspired by our motivational content. We cannot give you medical or legal advice but we do offer relatable and safe communities where you can connect with others and share your experiences. Please note, these pages are monitored for safeguarding purposes and that by using our services, you acknowledge and are in agreement that confidentially may be broken at any time for safeguarding reasons at our own discretion.

Online support

At PANDAS, we understand it can sometimes be frightening and overwhelming to find out you might be suffering from a pre or postnatal mental illness, or indeed simply to be struggling and not knowing where to turn. If you’re in this situation, you might benefit from speaking to someone who has had a similar experience, which is why we offer online peer support. You can chat to others in the group, as well as our trained PANDAS volunteers, who will provide you with confidential support and advice from the comfort of your own home. 

Please see below for our full list of online support


We currently have three Facebook pages:

PANDAS Foundation
This page is open to everyone.

Dads Facebook page
This is a closed group developed to support partners and carers affected by perinatal mental illness, our PANDAS Dads volunteers are on hand to offer support and information 7 days a week.

PANDAS Closed Facebook Group
The closed group for mums is a unique group that currently has around 2000 members. It’s run by a friendly team of admins who organise posts, approve new members and generally enable the smooth running of the group. The group is for mums and carers affected by perinatal mental illness. Our Closed Facebook Group is special in that every single person in the group is very supportive, which means you can air any worry or problem. Contact us if you would like access to this group.



We’re always keen to connect with businesses with healthcare expertise. If you work in this field, please connect with us via LinkedIn.


Follow us on Twitter for insightful information and education on perinatal mental health.


Our Instagram feed is the place to visit for motivational and empowering content.


If you need urgent help….

If you need urgent help or are worried about a loved one, call the Samaritans on 116 123 or the emergency services on 999.

Other ways we can support you

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