PANDAS Foundation are excited to be able to finally announce that we have relaunching the charity’s brand. This will include a refurbishment of our website with exciting new features for service users, volunteers and fundraisers.
PANDAS Foundation have refreshed their logo to reflect the worth and value for every parent and their networks allowing them more options, greater knowledge and ways you can help us. Our logo represents shelter from mental illness allowing support, whatever the weather with an additional seasonal inspirational theme.
This is a milestone for our foundation and reflection of the amazing work our volunteers carry out every day, all year round. It is also a justification of how worthy our unique support services are to help so many parents in an increasing need for advice.

PANDAS would like to thank the incredible Laura from the Holyroyd foundation for financing this such needed new project.

Our new website will offer more guidance and insight into perinatal mental illness but also include detailed references for service users for support and signposting.
New Fundraising packs will be available from today. Please get in touch with

Thank you for your continued support and great working relationship.